We entertain with an eye to educate.

Haunted (working title) A Romantic, Comedy, Horror feature in development, and due to shoot summer of 2022. In association with Leomark Studios

Destiny. A Romantic Comedy, where the past meets the present for the future. In development

Nova, <link> (In association with Future Shorts Media), a short art film. Winner Best Micro-film at New York Short Fashionfilm festival, 2021. Winner of Best Short Film at Seattle Fashion Film Festival. 2017

In Transit, <trailer> (in association with Hanuman Media), a short film about two people in a big city, who speak different languages and come from different worlds, whose chance meeting at a bus stop in LA, changes both of their lives. With the famed Lilliana Arriaga (La Chupitos). 2012

Bollywood to Hollywood, <trailer> (in association with Hanuman Media), is an award-winning comedy Web Series in 22 episodes, that tells the story of young man from Mumbai, who comes to Hollywood with stars in his eyes, and finally makes it as an extra – 2011

Comedy Night in Studio City, (in association with LACEE) with comedians Rick Overton, Maria Bamford, and Vanda Mikalowski 2010

It’s Now, an online talk show starring Jeff Doucette and Saba Moor-Doucette. (in association with Greg Pineda Video Effects Group) 2010

Christmakwanzukkah <link> Music Video of an original song by Saba Moor-Doucette and Thomas Silcott performed by interracial puppets.2009

Brothers, <link> (in association with Gratitude Works) is a short film about race, reincarnation, and redemption. Winner of the Kodak Director of Photography Award. 2008

Truth Seeking Souls, the Interview Sessions, (as Enlightened Entertainment), interviews with the world’s foremost metaphysical writers, artists, and musicians from the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. 2008

Truth Seeking Souls, Annette Carlstrom, (as Enlightened Entertainment), an extended interview with Sweden’s Dalai Lama, Annette Carlstrom. 2008

The Gentle Barn, Thomas’ Story, <link> (as Gratitude Works in association with and ISELA), a short film about an early-onset Alzheimer’s patient who awakens to absolute clarity while visiting the famous Gentle Barn animal shelter. 2007

Multiple Commercials for local merchants (in association with Greg Pineda Video Effects Group)2001 – 2012

Nothing Personal, feature film, Produced in association with Greg Pineda Video Effects Group 2007


TV Pilots

Dinosaurs & Donuts – The adventures of Demi the Dinosaur, based on the book of the same name written by Saba Moor-Doucette. 2012

Oldies but Goodies starring Donald O’Conner and Billy Barty.

Rap Party  Kids show on current events, Plus: music video, of the same name, starring Billy Barty



Best Micro FilmNova New York Short Fashionfilm Festival. 2021

Best Short FilmNova Seattle Fashion Film Festival. 2017

Best Web Series, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor- Bollywood To Hollywood LA Webfest 2011

Selection Officiate- Bollywood To Hollywood  Marseilles International Web Fest 2011

Kodak Director of Photography- Brothers 2009

Spirit in Action Awards- Gentle Barn Thomas’s Story. ISELA 2007

Cine Golden EagleBEETHOVENS 5TH Houston Film Festival Beethoven’s Fifth Company. Executive Producer/Choreographer 1986

Emmy, Best Short Musical FilmBEETHOVENS 5TH Beethoven’s Fifth Company. Executive Producer/Choreographer 1986