is a multi-award-winning production company founded by Jeff Doucette and Saba Moor-Doucette in 2008, based in North Hollywood, California. Our vision is to entertain and educate. While some companies produce film and TV to entertain, and others produce film and TV to educate, we do both. We educate with an eye to entertain and entertain with an eye to educate. We appeal to many age groups depending on the project. Our productions include short and feature films, TV shows, self-help videos and books, teaching and educational seminars, and live theater.

PowerSource Productions has partnered to co-produce with other production companies under the umbrella of PowerSource Productions. Among these are Spiritual Cinema LA, (ISELA), Enlightened Entertainment Productions, Video Effects Group-TSS (Truth Seeking Souls), Gratitude Works, Hanuman Media, Tangent Pics, and Future Shorts Media.